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The control room at the thermal power station at Takoradi, Ghana, June 21, 2006. (Photo by Jonathan Ernst)


Looking for a professional firm to install for your an Access Control system for your premises? Look no further… Audio Visual Control Systems Ltd. is the leading integrator of professional Time Attendance and Access Control Systems in the region.

What’s an Access Control System?

This is a security technique that can be used to regulate who can can access a place or a resource. By access we mean: consuming, entering, or using. Due to the complexity of security systems, we ensure that we provide easy to use and maintain access control systems, that are prone to malfunctions or manipulation. The good thing about our access control and time attendance solutions is that they can be implemented in both residential homes, offices, and industrial premises. In addition these solutions can be integrated with other systems such as employee payroll systems. At AVCS we recognize the need to have state-of-the-art, trusted security solutions from a trusted manufacturer. That is why we have partnered with PERCo, to be their authorized products providers. With PERCo, we will be able to deliver a broad range of innovative, high-quality security products and services that meet our customers. Products and Services such as: